Professional Certifications

The IMBLN Programme Certifications are held only by a distinguished group of professionals. Earning your CMP, CEB, CMA, CREA conveys to colleagues’ employees, employer that you possess significant, relevant experience as well as demonstrated and tested competence.

Capacity Building

The Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (IMBLN) is a professional organisation for the capacity development of individuals who work and practice or intend to work and practice in the Nigerian Mortgage/housing industry and mortgage related activities across the full spectrum of professional specializations.

Mortgage Literacy

Lack of good housing is one of the major issues of the average Nigerian today. This is highly due to miss-information pertaining mortgage services. To tackle this challenge, IMBLN is creating awareness of mortgage benefits, to civil servants, public officers, the private sector and any interested party.


IMBLN is pioneering the regulation of mortgage brokers and lenders in Nigeria. As such, we possess the competence and and years of experience needed to improve mortgage lending and brokering. With this pedigree, we offer mortgage consulting services to: NGOs, Governmental, and Private organizations.